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The London Lightbox Case Study

a full overhaul & implementation

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Eliane Case Study

specific tactical focus areas

Case Study: The London Lightbox

What we did...

Audit & Analysis

We started with a thorough analysis of the businesses situation including their customer database, past sales, digital statistics and margins. We isolated their most profitable customer segments and looked at ways in which we could leverage their products and services to suit their objectives.

Photography & Videography

An area we are extremely well known for – Photography. Commercial photography was undertaken during two separate shoots, the latter featuring videography too.

It was important to display the products use in a way that would solidify the customers need in their mind. Therefore, we specifically used corporate settings to ensure we would minimise the wedding market (their previous largest client base) as much as possible.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Once complete, we could begin restyling the landing pages to better suit the newly chosen focus market. A new sitemap was drawn up and we made amends to the clients existing website, without altering the structure too much.

We added all conversion tracking options to ensure we could accurately track the improvements made and ran A/B tests to optimise them further.

Paid Search Optimisation

We left the existing campaigns as is for the first month, to provide an accurate benchmark. The current cost per conversion was around an eye-watering £30, and the cost per click around £1.50 in this competitive space.

We set up a new campaign focusing on our newly targeted audience and rolled out the first set of adverts with both positive and negative keywords, short and long-tail, and achieved a conversion cost of £18, and a cost per click of £1.30, in the first period.

We further optimised each advert set and campaign to reduce the cost per conversion to between £12 and £15, and a cost per click of around £1.05, which the client is more than happy with.

Throughout, we also ensured that the conversions remained high quality by checking in regularly and assessing the contact forms for suitability.

Social Feed Design

As we provide a full-service package, we also looked at the companies social channels and made amendments to suit their new target market, reflecting their strong positioning. A large part of this targeting was their Instagram profile which previously did not look well structured on a feed view.

We assessed different post types and took over social posting for the organisation, achieving a strong tri-block feed design in a short amount of time.

PDF Design

A key part of the client’s sales funnel includes a collection information PDFs. We took the initial sets and redesigned them to create a strong coherence with the website design.

These PDF’s included a customer journey, pricing PDF’s, FAQ’s and product options. These were created with the target market in mind and have been very successful for the client during the contract period.


conversion rate increase on client landing pages.


increase in leads through PPC lead generation.


increase in overall sales revenue compared to previous year.


decrease in cost per lead compared to previous period.

Case Study: Eliane

What we did...

The Project

Eliane is a chain of health conscious cafes centred around the ethos of choice for all. They offer a wide range of delicious, healthy food catering to all dietary requirements and choices, from gluten free to raw vegan and everything in between.

We were brought in just before a new site was opened to the public and were tasked with achieving a few set objectives:

1. Ensure the new sites social media presence was optimised for growth.

2. Increase and streamline the sales of the chains cookbook.

3. Increase the revenue brought in from evenings at the original site.

Photography & Videography

With such stunning branding and beautiful food, it was essential to capture the essence of the brand in a couple of photo shoots to ensure we had enough content to complete the rest of the set tasks for Eliane.

We shot a variety of different set-ups and also created a 40-second video for each of the cafe sites in the south east.

Social Media

As per the objective set to ensure the launch of the new site gathered considerable interest, we very quickly decided on a posting strategy and then saw a 261% increase in page likes and a whopping 878% increase in page reach soon after taking over the profile.

Page clicks on this social profile for the brand saw almost double the page clicks and engagement than their other profiles.

We also took over their Instagram profile with a view to creating a strong brand feed which was achieved within the first month.

Paid Social

We used paid Facebook advertising for two separate goals throughout the project period. Firstly, a test click-funnel with a visual similar to the one here. We saw over 120 people redeem this offer, creating a valuable lead database which has been bolstered by our cafe wifi installs (detailed further below).

The second aim was for the evenings at the original cafe site where we saw a 213% increase in takings on the months where targeted advertising was used, producing an ROI of over 4000%.

Internal Processes

Whilst working with Eliane we understood a desire within the organisation to increase the average spend for customers at one of the sites. These were mostly regular customers who were involved in the loyalty program.

Although the loyalty programme was popular, it incentivised small purchases in an indirect way, therefore it was agreed that a new loyalty plan be installed which incentivised a more comfortable average spend for the client. We worked together to ensure that the customer did not lose out with the changes made and also ensured that the new programme could not be abused internally.

As part of the internal systems, we also installed a data collection-ready gated wifi system at each site which collects around 200+ valuable customer email addresses per month.

Website Optimisation

Whilst ensuring the targets were met, we gave their existing website some design tweaks to ensure it worked seamlessly from start to finish. Where previously there were dead links and poor justification, the site now is easy to navigate, fully connected and tastefully designed.

It is now incredibly easy for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for very quickly.


increase in evening takings when combined with Facebook Advertising.


Increase in Facebook Page likes for the newly opened site (3 months).


Increase in cookbook sales over a 3 month period compared to the previous period.


customer & ‘warm lead’ contacts gained through click funnels and wifi systems.