Our Favourite 5 Marketing Apps for Success

Running a business, whether that’s alone or with a carefully selected team, takes serious time, dedication and energy.

We’re all for time-saving little apps, services and software. We bet you are too, right? Well, look no further, here are our top 5 efficient apps which will help you streamline your business to ensure efficient growth…

The number one solution to all of your paper to do lists that you can never keep track of! This free web-based app is not only efficient, but it’s quite powerful too. There’s a mobile app to keep handy when you’re out and about and you can set deadlines for each task & receive an email notification when it’s D-Day.

Better yet, if you work on multiple different clients at once, you can split all your tasks into beautifully colour coded projects – not bad, ey! You can assign tasks to team members, set a trigger series for consecutive tasks, set them to repeat at given intervals and add comments to each too.

There is a paid plan for if you want reporting and additional team members to have their own accounts, but we don’t find this necessary really.

Everybody knows Quickbooks, yes? It’s an accounting software package that is uber affordable for the small business owner (they usually have lots of deals on too!).

With options for the self-employed (beaut interface with mileage tracking too) and the small business (suited for a limited company – more control and payroll functionality), the online app can do it all.

With phone & tablet apps to boot, you can do your invoicing on the go, run HMRC approved payroll straight from the interface and check your bank accounts at a glance, this neat little package gets the thumbs up from us!

Gain is a powerful social scheduling & publishing tool which allows our clients to approve, reject, amend or add comments to posts when we’ve created them, but before they go live.

With integrations for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (Google+ is in the works), it allows us to have all of our clients in their own area – perfect for organising content and dictating access.

Of course, this may be overkill for most businesses, in which case, we’d wholeheartedly recommend HootSuite which has a free plan suited to a business with a handful of social profiles.

Scheduling posts give you control over the release of content, it’s something that you should definitely do!

The home of productivity – Toggl. It’s a powerful time tracker which categorises your working time by the projects you are working on. Of course, for us, this is how we know how much to bill our clients if they’re on hourly contracts, but for you, this is an absolute solution to procrastination.

By time tracking your tasks throughout the day, you’ll be in a better position to make decisions on pricing, workload and income generation, as well as knowing where you could free up time by outsourcing tasks to freelancers, consultants or third-parties.

It’s highly likely that you aren’t a graphic designer, most people aren’t! Canva is a viable solution to the design problems you are currently experiencing. Again, with a 100% free option, you’ll be able to create social flyers, social quotes, website design elements and more.

We wouldn’t suggest using Canva for materials you’ll need to print because the colour space is not correct for commercial printing. We also would not suggest choosing Canva over an experienced graphic designer for important projects – you can’t emulate that kind of professional touch using Canva!

So there you have it, our top 5 favourite apps for business growth covering productivity, efficiency and autonomy.

Struggling to get to grips with any of these, or have a question about how these could apply to your business? Drop us a message by clicking the button below & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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