Case Study: Website Design for Photographers

When it comes to the perfect website design for photographers, I’d like to think that I’ve got that well and truly nailed. I’ve completed over 20 different website designs for photographers & photography services in the last 5 years alone, so I have a firm understanding of what works well aesthetically, and with Google!

Katrina approached me for her web build and I simply jumped at the chance. To paint a full picture, Katrina and I have known each other for a few years now, as she is one of my most well-known photography students on UK soil. Her work remains consistently high and she is a phenomenal business woman.

I’d been perusing her website over and over in this time, and I couldn’t help but think that she deserved better to show off her vast portfolio of imagery.

Having mentored Katrina in business too, we knew how important good SEO rankings were for her income. At the time of the redesign, she was usually on page one of Google, around 4th to 6th place, for her most popular keyword phrases.

Before we continue, her is what Katrina’s original site looked like:

Case study - website design for photographers
Case study - website design for photographers

Although it was on-brand as far as the colour scheme and fonts go, it was quite bland when compared to other competitors in her geographic area. And we know first impressions really count!

I approached Jess to help me update my website as I already knew from experience that she was a very successful marketing guru. The fact that she also has a photography background was a bonus.


I already had a website which I was fairly happy with, but although it LOOKED okay, it wasn’t getting anywhere near the traffic or SEO ratings that I would have liked. In the competitive world of photography, I needed something super impressive to stand out from the crowd.

We began by looking through some different options on the design side, and we worked together to select the winning backbone for the new website!

Jess talked me through a few options and showed me examples of the sorts of website design she could prepare for me, and reassured me that the lovely photos I took would soon be seen my many more people than currently was the case.


Jess made the whole process very simple. She lifted a lot of the existing text that I was happy with, from my existing website. She asked me to send her a selection of great photos for use on the new website and then very quickly got back to me with a first draft of the new site.

With a clear plan, it took just 7 days to create the site from start to finish, which features a landing page, about page, portfolio, session information page, contact page, blog & a conversion tracking thank-you page.

It looked AMAZING, and very quickly the final site was up and running. Jess gave me a tutorial to show me how to use the admin page so that I can upload my own pictures/blogs etc – all very user friendly.

Throughout the build, and during the user tuition, we ensured that Katrina’s essential keywords were flooded tactfully onto each page in all the right places to ensure that SEO remained strong.

With the build complete and traffic sent to the site en mass, we’ve managed to achieve number 1 organic Google rankings across all of Katrina’s top key words. Not bad, ey?!

Here’s what Katrina says about the finished article:

I am delighted with the layout, ease of use, speed to load (despite having so many pictures on it) and of course the main objective in redesigning the site which was to improve my Google ranking… this has definitely been achieved and I would have no hesitation in recommending Jess to design a website for anyone!

All in a days work for us!

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