Meet Jess

Jess is a digital native which means that she grew up learning code and tech skills as hobbies. It was always normal to be socially connected to the nth degree. When she started her first business at just 16 years old, she naturally picked up every digital technique available to help that business both grow and thrive.

By 19 she was the owner of two successful businesses, one in photography, the other in education. By 21 she’d upped the ante to three. At the same time, she also dabbled in what she refers to as ‘proper jobs’…

She has a large and varied marketing background, from managing the marketing function in small businesses to working as a senior marketing executive in a large financial services company. With multiple successful businesses under her own belt, she knows what it takes to make businesses work, from a tiny start-up through to a large SME.

A specialist in digital and process creation, she can effortlessly plan a marketing strategy tailored to your specific business goals in an astonishingly short amount of time.

Fully qualified with a self-funded Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, along with being awarded a Licentiate Award in Master Photography, she has both the port and the quals to set your mind at ease.

If there is anything she can’t do personally, she outsources to a wonderful team of truly skilled freelancers who have worked alongside her for many years.

Of course, she drinks ridiculous amounts of Yorkshire tea and spends a ludicrous amount of hours in her home office, either brainstorming on the whiteboard or building something on the iMac. That’s normal. That’s Jess.

Always awesome. Always efficient.